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Penny Young Nance, Chief Executive Officer and President 
Concerned Women for America


Coming from our “She Votes 2012” bus tour has made me very excited about the future of our nation. Over the course of the last several weeks, I’ve met a number of amazing patriots – strong, conservative Christian women and men whose hearts are heavy for our nation and our culture, but who are eager to play a keen role in the spiritual renewal of our land …

That leads me to something quite troubling …

Only days ago I sent out an urgent update regarding CWA’s Young Women for America YWA chapters that we are initiating on campuses across the nation. This is an incredible effort that truly excites me because through these YWA chapters, we can successfully counter the radical feminist efforts that are trying to overwhelming and stifle our Christian women. In fact, through our YWA chapters we are training and encouraging them to boldly speak up and make a difference at their schools!

Sadly, response for expanding our YWA efforts to reach thousands more Christian conservative women was so small, that I may be forced to make some very difficult decisions about the future of our YWA initiative.

<#first_name#>, I’m stunned by this. I simply can’t believe this incredible effort to empower young Christian women to take a stand – not just in school, but in the political, business and government arenas doesn’t resonate and make your heart beat just a bit faster …

But perhaps I’m wrong.

That’s why before I’m forced to make these difficult decisions that could impact hundreds of Christian women who have come to rely on CWA’s YWA chapters, I wanted to give key members of our team one more chance to step up and help us expand this effort to reach more women during this pivotal election year.

Please click below to help.

As President Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” Our YWA chapters are all about passing that baton of freedom to women who will one day become president’s, lawmakers, journalists, teachers, mothers and leaders.

Please prayerfully consider helping with this worthwhile cause by clicking here.

Or, if you missed my earlier message about our YWA chapters, I’ve reposted my latest update, below.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Only weeks ago I shared how conservative women returning to college and university campuses throughout the nation will be assaulted – not necessarily physically, but spiritually and emotionally by feminist liberals eager to advance their far left agenda at any cost.

Sadly, far too many conservative women quickly discover that college is a hostile place and to survive it is better to sit in silence.

When this happens the Left wins.

<#first_name#>, over the last decade women have become a driving force in business, education and politics – rising to be leaders of the day. That’s why the Left has such a stronghold on our campuses. They understand the powerful impact women have on today’s society, and are investing millions of dollars every year to prepare the next generation of feminist leaders of our nation!

That’s precisely why we must do all we can to answer back, to embolden conservative women – filling them with the courage and the strength to boldly bring their conservative values to their campuses!

+ + Answering the call and training the next generation of leaders

<#first_name#>, as faith-filled believers, we have a responsibility to our young people. We must do all we can to prepare them for battle – not to merely survive in a world dominated by anti-faith, anti-family ideology, but to thrive – to bring conservative values to the national and world stage!

Together we can help train today’s conservative women to be tomorrow’s 
leaders – winning the spiritual and cultural battle for the generations that follow!

That’s why Concerned Women for America has launched our Young Women for America (YWA) campus initiative – to bring conservative values to college and university campuses through PRAYER, EDUCATION and ACTION.

But it’s far more than that …

Through YWA chapters, conservative women are already being empowered to make a profound impact, communicating and influencing legislators and policy-makers on today’s pressing social and cultural issues!

Because of the help of friends like you, CWA has been able to launch YWA chapters on 10 campuses throughout the country – with more on the way. This is a tremendous start to an incredibly important initiative, but given the troubling climate of the day, I’d like to double our efforts – to have 20 thriving YWA chapters established on campuses nationwide before Election Day!

My staff has told me that it takes $5,000 to launch a chapter. That means I must raise $50,000 to reach our goal. But more importantly, I must reach this goal over the next 30 days to ensure that these new chapters can make a strong impact by Election Day.

That’s why I’m writing you today.

Please go here now to help Concerned Women for America establish these additional YWA chapters at this critical time. Your tax deductible gifts of $20, $40, $100, even $1,000 couldn’t be more important as together we are training up the next generation of conservative women – women who may lead our nation!

+ + A Lasting Legacy

As President Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

<#first_name#>, Young Women for America is about passing the baton of freedom to those young women who will become tomorrow’s presidents, lawmakers, journalists, teachers, mothers and voters. YWA gives college women a voice to stand up and make a difference at their school.

As Amanda, a YWA member wrote:

“I realized my freshman year that I could no longer stand silent as my country shifted away from the principles and morals upon which it was founded, and so I decided to let my voice be heard and make a difference for Christ and for America through YWA. I don’t think I could have found a better way to do that than through Concerned Women for America’s YWA chapter.”

Please prayerfully consider making a gift to help CWA double our YWA initiative at this pivotal time – empowering young women like Amanda to voice their values and make a difference.

Go here now to help.

Thank you in advance for your generous spirit and your desire to protect the hearts and minds of our young women!

God bless you.


Penny Young Nance
Chief Executive Officer and President
P.S. If you have friends with college aged young women, send this message to them today. Urge them to take a stand with you by going here.