Concerned Women for America Statement of Support:  
"I Am Standing for the Unborn Victims of Abortion"

Message from Penny Nance
from Capitol Hill January 24th!
For nearly four decades, abortions have ravaged our nation destroying the lives of more than 50 million unborn babies.

But the abortion culture that has been strangling our nation for so many years may be changing. With a pro-life Congress in place and a presidential race unfolding, pro-life Americans have a unique and powerful opportunity to champion the defenseless victims of abortion and literally transform our nation by re-establishing a culture of life on Capitol Hill and beyond!

Join CWA in Defending the Unborn Victims of Abortion
Concerned Women for America, a leading voice for the unborn in our nation is inviting pro-life Americans to stand with them by adding their names to their National Statement of Support for the Unborn Victims of Abortion.

With this being a critical election year, it is imperative that Pro-Life citizens continue to champion the rights of the unborn victims of abortion. Concerned Women for America is on the frontlines promoting the sanctity of life, and will use these statements of support whenever and wherever possible in promoting a culture of life.

See and sign the statement below and be part of the celebration for life on January 23.

The Statement Reads:  
As a pro-life American citizen, I am signing Concerned Women for America's national statement of support for the unborn victims of abortion (more than 50 million since 1973).
  • I am joining with other pro-life citizens whose hope and prayer is to reverse
    this curse upon our nation and see a return to a culture of life by supporting any
    and all legislative efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • I support pro-life nominees to the courts.
  • I support legislative efforts to permanently prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion services in the U.S. and abroad -- including taxpayer subsidizing of abortifacients like the "Morning After Pill."
  • I support the defunding of Planned Parenthood.
It's time that we earnestly move to change the culture in our nation from one of death to life by working to eliminate those entities and situations that do not honor and elevate the sanctity of life in America.

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