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Our Religious Liberties

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President Obama’s so-called “compromise” on his “contraception and abortion” mandate is yet another unconstitutional violation of Americans’ God-given religious rights.

This latest tyrannical move by Obama is even worse than his original mandate in that he is now forcing most Americans to violate his/her moral and religious principles and beliefs.

Join CWALAC to Stop this Unconstitutional Mandate

Obama has no constitutional authority to demand Americans turn their backs on their religious convictions to indirectly fund contraception and sterilization procedures including “The Morning After” pill and abortion.

That’s why Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee is calling on 50,000 conservative grassroots women and likeminded men to confront Obama’s assault on our religious liberties through our national petition effort.

The Petition States

I am joining with Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee and citizens across the nation in opposing the ObamaCare/HHS contraception and abortion mandate, as well as President Obama's alleged "compromise." This mandate is an unconstitutional assault on the religious liberties of most Americans.

The federal government has no authority to require any person or organization to provide or purchase any health service that violates their religious beliefs.

I demand that the Obama Administration immediately rescind the mandate for all employers and citizens. I join CWA Legislative Action Committee in supporting the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act of 2011 (H.R.1179, S.1467). More fundamentally, I am calling for the immediate repeal of ObamaCare and urge the Supreme Court to strike down the law in its entirety.

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